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May 2, 2017

Small Bathroom Reno Inspiration | bathroom reno inspo

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I’ve had bathrooms on my mind lately, so much so that I might be seeing tile patterns in my sleep. Today I’m going to show you pictures of my tiny bathroom, which needs some TLC in a big way. I’m just in the beginning stages of the planning process – the part where I gather inspirational photos from the gazillion bathroom options out there and narrow it down to a handful that really speak to me.

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In Inspiration, Our Home on
April 3, 2017

Vaulted Ceiling Inspiration | The Vaulted Ceiling

Are you a visual person? Do you celebrate the day Pinterest came into your life? Or Houzz? For so many of us, things (concepts, ideas) make more sense when they are visually laid out. When I need ideas on how to do things – anything – like a vaulted ceiling, I naturally turn to the Internet, and Pinterest in particular. Last year I pinned a lot of vaulted ceilings. It may have been a problem.

These were some of my favourite pins from my vaulted ceiling research. I think you will see a pattern…

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